Yes, Paris Hilton and Cardi B are very cool with their nearly identical engagement rings

Paris Hilton got engaged over the holiday weekend to her longterm boyfriend Chris Zylka. And of course she shared snaps of her stunning $2 million pear-shaped engagement ring. While the world ooh and ahh’d over the bling, several eagle-eyed Twitter users were quick to point out that Hilton’s ring is very similar to Cardi B’s. Rapper Offset proposed to Cardi B back in October with a nearly identical pear-shaped ring; however, Hilton’s ring is 20-carats and reportedly worth $2 million while Cardi’s is 8-carats and her fiancée told TMZ he paid $500,000 for it.

Well, those rings look exactly the same — meaning Hilton’s beau Zylka could have saved himself $1.5 million.

When a fan pointed it out online, Hilton tweeted back, “Our future hubby’s obviously both have amazing & similar taste! Congrats @iamcardib & @OffsetYRN! #LuckyGirls #RingGoals.” When a TMZ cameraperson asked Cardi the same question, she revealed that Hilton’s ring was “pretty.”

We don’t know the history behind Cardi’s engagement ring, but for Hilton, she had apparently dropped hints to her boyfriend leading up to the purchase.

“Paris at one point in time told Chris she really loved her mother’s pear-shaped diamond, and when Chris came to me that was his request,” celebrity jeweler and Hilton’s ring designer Michael Greene told People.


Engagement rings can become such a weirdly political topic — it can’t be too small, too gaudy, look too much like your sister’s. At the end of the day, two women are happily in love and think it’s cool that their fiancées have a similar eye when it comes to ring shopping.

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