Paris Hilton posted a throwback with Britney Spears from the most epic era

To our collective squad envy, Paris Hilton shared a throwback picture with Britney Spears and suddenly we were thirteen and trying to walk in platform flip-flops again. We’ve got a lot of love and a lot of nostalgia for the ’90s and early 2000s, but the further away from those iconic decades we get, the more alien it feels. Especially when we see pictures of our faves dressed like THIS. Like, we all remember fashion in that era being whack retrospectively, but it’s so easy to forget exactly how WILD people got, sartorially speaking.

Apparently no shirt, no service did not apply. And omg, can we please talk about the days of super low rise jeans? Talk about a blast from the past.

We’ve also got to talk about Britney’s ADORABLE hat, because it totally reminded us that the early 2000s were THE TIME to experiment with headwear, specifically cute lil hats like above, and bucket hats, which somehow still look kind of adorable, if dated.


We also definitely miss the days when sequined flare pants were an acceptable life choice. Genuinely miss them. Things were so much more fun and shiny in the early 2000s!


But back to the hats — apparently hats were a fixture of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears hang out seshes. Looking at these photos just makes us dream of when times were simpler and waaaay more visually interesting. They also make us wish we could time travel and be Britney and Paris’s best friend, but whatever.


Ugghhh, the ’90s into the early aughts always seem like such fun in pictures. We’d like to pose a motion to declare one day a year national “remembrance of these two decades” day so that we never forget them ever, ever again.

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