Paris Geller grew up to be just like her parents in “Gilmore Girls” and it’s breaking our hearts

In the second episode of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, we come to a pretty sad realization about one our favorite characters Paris Geller. Paris, Rory’s best frenemy since Chilton, had a tough childhood. Although she grew up with wealthy parents and plenty of opportunity, her parents were never around to raise her. Paris was almost completely raised by her nanny growing up. Although Paris admits to loving her Nanny , she always acknowledged that she didn’t like the arrangement and though that it contributed to some issues in her life.

That’s why it was completely heartbreaking when it was revealed that Paris grew up to be exactly like her parents.

What is so hard about this realization is we know that Paris completely meant well. In the revival we learn that she is the head of a very high-end fertility clinic, and incredibly successful. She’s married to her college boyfriend Doyle who grew up to be a big shot screenwriter. They live together in a beautiful home in Brooklyn. She is clearly trying her very best to provide for her children.


However, we soon learn that not everything is as good as it seems. Paris and Doyle are in the process of getting divorced, and can barely stand to be in the same room together.


Both of their demanding careers make it hard for them to be home, so the children are almost entirely raised by their nanny. Paris even admits that they probably love their nanny more than they love her, and later confesses that she depends on her nanny for help in childcare in a way that she didn’t totally expect to happen.


It is really tough to see Paris go through this, and repeat the cycle that she resented so much growing up. However there is hope. We can tell that Paris is beginning to do some more soul searching, and Rory’s friendship can only mean good things for Paris. The two have been through so much together. Being back in each other’s lives will only mean good things for Paris Geller.

So here’s wishing the best to Paris Geller! No one fights as hard for what they want as much as she does, and we’re assuming that includes love and her family too!

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