The important reason why people all over the internet are sharing a clip from Casablanca

In the wake of the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, people all over the world are using social media to show their love and support for the people of France. All weekend, we’ve seen heartfelt posts honoring the memory of the victims of the attack and expressing solidarity with France, especially Paris, the City of Light.

One of the most powerful messages being shared on Facebook is a clip from the classic movie Casablanca, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Casablanca is set in Morocco during the height of World War II in December 1941 at an upscale night club, Rick’s Café Américain. Many of the club’s patrons are French citizens trying to find their way to America to escape Nazi oppression. One night, a group of Nazi officers gather around the piano in Rick’s and begin singing Watch on the Rhine, a German patriotic song. The house band at Rick’s defiantly responds by breaking into La Marseillaise, the French national anthem. Everyone in the club joins in, and soon the song is so loud that it completely drowns out the Nazi officers. The scene has always been a beautiful, emotional display of patriotism in the face of hardship. Since the heartbreaking events of Friday, this scene has resurfaced with new relevance.

We can’t watch this without crying. Vive la France!

(Image and video via Warner Bros.)

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