5 reasons why Paris and Doyle were the actual best couple on “Gilmore Girls”

From the first moment Jess Mariano arrived in Stars Hollow, I was firmly, adamantly, whole-heartedly Team Jess. In my eyes, Logan just wasn’t right, and Dean would never do. Jess was troubled, sure, but also smart and thoughtful in ways that would only show more and more throughout the series. Plus, his looks and bad boy persona? Totally swoon-worthy. But for all the years I spent feeling all heart-eyes-emoji over Jess — for all these years Gilmore Girls fans have been talking about who is right for Rory (and Lorelai, too) — we’ve been glossing over the best couple on the entire show: Paris and Doyle.

Paris Geller and Doyle McMaster compliment each other in all the best ways. From their shared qualities like their competitiveness and drive, to the way they recover from fights and everything in between, Paris and Doyle are the ultimate in #relationshipgoals. Rory and Jess, Luke and Lorelai, they could never compare to Paris and Doyle

They had the best beginning.


Paris and Doyle met working at the Yale Daily News, where there wasn’t even a hint of romance between them. But it wasn’t long before Paris ran into Doyle at a speed dating meet-up, and everything changed within a single minute. Fans barely even had a chance to ship them before the scene when Rory sees Doyle walking out of Paris’s bedroom in her bathrobe. They realized what they wanted, and they didn’t play any mind games — they just went for it. The rest is history.

They weren’t the stereotypically perfect couple.


On TV, we’re used to seeing female leads get swept off their feet by a tall, handsome, mysterious man. Paris and Doyle never really fit that mold, and it’s one of the best things about them. Paris is a woman who doesn’t need a man to save her. She’s confident, headstrong and brutally honest, and her relationship doesn’t soften that. Doyle doesn’t try to change her, and he’s totally happy to follow her lead and go where her career takes her, without losing his own dreams and ambitions in the process. Paris and Doyle accept each other as they are and grow with each other, neither one holding the other back. Plus, Paris confidently dating a guy who was shorter than her is an inspiration to tall girls everywhere.

They were great at recovering from arguments.


Paris and Doyle have a few ups and downs throughout the show, but they’re never apart for long. In Season 6, Paris and Doyle get into a fight — mostly because Paris is upset about losing her spot as editor for the Yale Daily News to Rory, and tensions are high. Paris throws Doyle out of their apartment and they break up, but only for a few hours. (And not without some extreme awkwardness between Doyle and Rory at a bar.) Later that night, Doyle returns to the apartment to win her back, and even though he’s drunk and a little nonsensical and Paris can be particularly mean when she’s angry, within a matter of minutes they’re happily back together.

Two words: Krav Maga.


When Paris and Doyle move in together off campus, they’re stuck living in an apartment in a not-so-safe neighborhood. So, what do they do? They start learning self-defense together in the form of Krav Maga. The whole thing is weird and confusing to Rory, but Krav Maga is just another way Paris and Doyle become closer. Even as they surprise each other with sneak attacks and fight in the name of practicing, they’re still affectionate with each other. It’s an otherwise funny scene, but it’s hard not to get a little emotional when Paris says, “You’ve been practicing behind my back. I love you!” as they throw punches back and forth.

And of course, their dance scene was iconic.


As Lucy’s 21st birthday approaches and everyone’s gearing up for her 2002-themed party, Paris tells Rory, “Don’t you worry, Doyle and I will be scorching the floorboards.” And scorch the floorboards they did. Paris and Doyle worked hard at perfecting their dance number, and it paid off. Everyone at the party cheered on the couple as they did their best moves to Pink’s “Get The Party Started,” proving that dancing like it’s 2002 is one of the keys to a great relationship.

There were a lot of relationships on the show that never got quite the attention they deserved in comparison to the airtime given to the romances of the Gilmore girls. Pairings like Sookie and Jackson or Babette and Morey were great, but no one was more perfectly matched up than Paris and Doyle. The only couple who could’ve given them a run for their money if they’d been given the chance? Lane Kim and Dave Rygalski. Sorry, Zack, but he read the entire Bible in one night just to get her mother’s permission to take her to prom. That’s love.

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