These parents told their kids Santa isn’t real and their reactions are priceless

Recently, one group of parents decided it was high time to tell their kids that Santa isn’t real, and lucky for us, WatchCut released video footage of the potentially childhood-ruining revelations. Depending on your child’s personality, telling kids the truth about Santa could have some damaging consequences that you’re not prepared to face, so this video might help parents who have yet to blow St. Nick’s cover decide on how to have The Talk™ when they feel it’s an appropriate time.

Honestly, Santa knows nothing of being forced to go holiday shopping at the worst time because you’re part of a skeleton crew at work and can’t leave early. Plus, he doesn’t have to pay for anything! He pulls one friggin’ night shift throughout the ENTIRE YEAR, while these poor parents have to work around the clock to raise, clothe, feed and buy Christmas gifts for their kids, who end up writing letters and feeding cookies to Santa instead.

Like, who TF decided to give him all the credit in the first place?


So, that didn’t go the way we expected. Some of the kids took it really well, particularly the one little girl who was all like, “DUH, I told y’all Santa wasn’t real.” But it seemed that most of the kids refused to buy into it.

This kid’s reaction nicely sums up how most of the young participants dealt with hearing that Santa Claus is as fake as a $3 bill.

Dammit, Santa! Looks like you live to see another year.