Uh oh: Your parents will probably start using Snapchat

Last week, we discovered that Snapchat is a great indicator of finding new ~love~. Now, you’d better make sure to keep that love in check, because new stats are finding that more and more parents are joining the Snapchat world. Awwwwkward.

According to new statistics by comScore, Snapchat is still extremely popular with younger people, but more and more people ages 35 and older are using the photo-sharing platform. That means your parents may end up creepin’ on your Snaps, so be CAREFUL, folks.

So will parents joining Snapchat reduce its “cool factor” with the younger generation? Snapchat isn’t worried about it. “Our community enjoys having their parents on Snapchat because it’s a really fast and fun way to communicate,” a Snapchat spokesperson told Wall Street Journal. “We don’t have the public likes and comments that often make for awkward moments on traditional social media. It’s never been an issue.”

According to comScore, three years ago, Snapchat was only being used by 5% of smartphone users aged 25-34 and 2% of users over 35; now, those numbers have respectively raised to 38% and 14%.

Wrote comScore’s Adam Lella in a blog post:

So soon, you’ll be seeing more Snaps like these: false false false false

It’s kinda precious, TBH. Your move, parents.

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