Awesome parents make awesome son the most awesome cake ever

With every year into the future, birthday parties just get cooler and cooler. Thanks to modern technology, 3D printing and dash of creativity, Russell and Belinda Munro from Perth, Australia were able to create an amazing Optimus Prime cake for their son Ewan’s sixth birthday. Not just an Optimus Prime cake. A transforming Optimus Prime cake.

Russell posted a video of the reveal over on YouTube, and it’s absolutely adorable. Ewan, who was already clad in a Transformers get-up, couldn’t contain himself as he blew out the candles and watched the cake move and change, just like his favorite mechanical superhero.

Russell explained how they pulled it off over on Google+:

Believe it or not, they made the cake themselves, with Belinda baking and icing the delicious treat before it was go-time. It’s almost too good to eat!

Russell is no stranger to mechanics. A quick browse of his Google+ page shows he was the perfect parent to pull this off. I can only image that with every year, Ewan’s birthdays will get more and more spectacular. Let’s hope he never goes on a dinosaur kick, or we’ll have an edible Jurassic Park situation on our hands! It might be so delicious that it’s worth it.

Check out the cake in all its glory here:

You can get a behind the scenes look at the construction by watching this video, in which Russell shows us the mechanical skeleton that made up the contraption.

(Image via YouTube)


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