Parents are straight-up killing the graduation game this year and we’re weeping

It’s graduation season, so chances are if you’re not grabbing your diploma, you know someone who is. With graduation season comes amazing graduation stories — like an “improbable” Johns Hopkins graduate from Ghana, a surprise graduation performance from Brad Paisley, or an impromptu ceremony for a graduate on a stuck Subway train. However, this year our favorite stories are the ones about so many parents winning in the adorability department. Which makes sense. Your parents worked hard so that one day you could graduate, and they’re super proud of you.

So check out all these happy parents with a certified degree in cuteness!

Warning: you will probably want to grab a box of tissues, because some of these will make you want to cry happy tears. Just like at graduation!

Like this girl whose dad walked to her first day of school… and her last.

It’s too adorable that he’s got the same watchful parent face in both photos. Also, he totally hasn’t aged a day.

Or this dad who saved his son’s arts and crafts project for all these years.


And, we gotta say, that’s actually a super awesome tie.

Some parents got really emotional about those last packed lunches! 


Don’t worry, parents! If we’ve learned anything about adulthood, it’s that you never actually stop hitting up your parents up for food.

And these photo recreations are so legit!



Needless to say, this is giving us so many graduation feels. [/subheader]

So congrats to all the new graduates out there. Your parents are super cute and love you a lot. It’s so sweet to see all these displays of graduation love. We can’t wait to see what wacky photo recreations and sweet notes you give your kids when they graduate!