Parents trying Common Core Math is as hilariously disastrous as you’d expect

Math is hard for a lot of people. Third grade math shouldn’t be impossible though, especially for adult humans who went to school and learned math for the first 18 to 22 years of their lives.

But math is different than it used to be. Common Core math has been confusing many kids, teacher and parents ever since it came into existence in 2009. Mainly because Common Core standards say that it’s important for students to understand the mathematical principles at work in a problem, which means no more simple shortcuts or techniques to find the answer (aka cross-multiplying when dividing fractions… and no more “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally”).

So that’s where BuzzFeed comes in. Since so many parents are frustrated and confused by the way their children are learning math, BuzzFeedshot a video of parents attempting to do Common Core homework. And it’s hilariously terrifying.

“Do actual third graders do this and get graded on this?” one mom asked, basically summing up everyone’s thoughts.

Check out the video and prepare to feel super happy about never having to take another math class ever again: