These parents just got banned from wearing PJs when dropping their kids off at school

We’ve all heard about dress code controversies for elementary and high-school students. But now, many are up in arms over one British school’s newest dress code. . . for parents.

When Kate Chisholm — head teacher at Skerne Park Academy in Darlington, England — noticed parents dropping off their children in pajamas, she decided to take action.

“I thought it got to the point where I’m going to have to say something,” Chisholm told Today. “I know that I can’t tell parents what to wear, but because we are a school where we’re trying to raise standards and we’re trying to make the best possible lives for the children who come to the school, I think we just needed to say something about the dress code in general.”

So Chisholm sent out a letter to parents asking them to “take the time to dress appropriately in day wear.”

The letter has garnered a lot of discussion and, in some cases, criticism. Some parents are very accepting of the new rule, such as Phil Naylor, whose kids attend the school. “We all support the school and I hope this helps get the message across to parents,” Naylor told The Guardian. “It’s disgraceful; we should be guiding our children, not giving them bad habits.”

Others, however, aren’t so supportive of the new rule, with some even protesting by wearing pajamas to the school.

“It’s just snobbery,” one Skerne Park mom told Daily Mail. “The head should be dealing with the real issues at the school, like the bullying, instead of looking down on people from Skerne Park and telling them what to wear.” Others are noting that the rule is not only inconvenient for parents who are trying to juggle everything and may be pressed for time, but also potentially problematic.

However, Chisholm says that she would send the letter again. “People are comfy in their pajamas and also feel they can sort of get away with it,” she told Today. “A decade ago, it definitely would have been unthinkable to even answer the door in your dressing gown.”

Times change, and perhaps we shouldn’t be basing our decisions off what would have been acceptable in the past, but rather focusing on getting kids to school happily, safely, and on time. . . rather than what their parents choose to wear.

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