This ‘Parent Trap’ Reunion on TikTok Has Us Extremely Up in Our Feels

It's making us want to pierce our ears and eat Oreos with peanut butter.

If you’re feeling down about summer almost ending, we have just the thing to lift your spirits. It’s a nostalgia-inducing reenactment scene from a forever summer classic: The Parent Trap. Two stars from the show teamed up to act out a short-but-iconic exchange between the film’s unsung hero and the film’s en vogue villain—and it all takes place on TikTok.

The scene involves Chessy, the beloved housekeeper (played by Lisa Ann Walter) and Meredith Blake, the 26-year-old evil almost-stepmom with great outfits (played by Elaine Hendrix). Together, the two reenacted the scene in which Meredith rings a bell to summon Chessy to wait on her by the pool.

“Chessy! It’s such a big house and all. Chessy!” Hendrix says, ringing a bell and reciting the lines while dressed down in a messy bun, a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. She’s rather glammed-down compared to Meredith’s always high-end style, but she’s still killing it.

Walter entered the scene wearing a very Chessy-appropriate casual outfit, and responded with her classic line, You rang?

The camera panned back to Hendrix and then Walter again, showing the two stars starting to the laugh and break character, and the whole thing is adorable.

If this was enough to put a smile on your face (because, how could it not?), you’ll be pleased to hear that the two women have another perfect TikTok together. In this one, they’re dancing in formation with another friend and appearing to have the time of their lives while doing it.

What’s more, the former The Parent Trap co-stars didn’t just team up for a couple of TikToks, they’re long-time friends. In fact, in a recent interview alongside Hendrix for Today, Walter said, “This one’s not only my best friend, but this year, I officially adopted her as my sister.” A hero-villain friendship lasting a lifetime against all odds? We love to see it.

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