This kitten going through rehab for her paralyzed legs is the sad/happy story you need right meow

Every once in a while, a cat video emerges from the internet to rock you to your core and forever change your email chain. A sweet little kitten suffering from leg paralysis is doing just that in this winner of all kitten videos. Six-week-old baby girl Chloe was recently adopted by a woman who literally has to have the best job in the whole world: kitten rescuer. Hannah Shaw went to a shelter for a routine kitten pick-up when she saw Chloe’s injury and decided she had to bring her home.

Hannah shared Chloe’s story in the sweetest video of all time and has been keeping everyone posted about her progress on Instagram ever since.

Heads up, you’re gonna need to take a seat for this one because it is quite an emotional ride.

After taking Chloe from a shelter, Hannah brought her to a vet with hopes they could help her recover. But the prognosis was bleak.

Chloe suffered from a broken back, which has led to problems with her legs and bladder. With so many serious health concerns lining up against her, Hannah became frightened Chloe might not survive her injuries.

Still determined and not quite ready to give up, however, Hannah took Chloe to receive acupuncture treatment.

“Chloe’s first acupuncture experience exceeded our wildest expectations,” Kitten Lady wrote in a Facebook post. “She began to kick her legs, move her tail, and even STAND UP. This is incredible. Bear in mind that this is just a very small victory on a long road, but we now are looking ahead with more optimism than ever.”

After just one acupuncture treatment, Hannah saw significant improvement in the function of Chloe’s lower half.

Her legs moved a little more, her tail twitched, and she could even pee with stimulation ???.

In the weeks since her first treatment, Chloe has been fitted with a pair of wheels to help with her mobility.

The 3-D printed frame helps Chloe keep her back stable so that she can practice staying upright. In a recent Instagram post, Hannah wrote that she is hopeful the device will help Chloe improve her ability to walk.

This sweet kitten is proving everyone wrong and here to remind you that fighters come in all forms. Right, go ahead and pass the Kleenex please.