This parakeet trying to make friends with its stuffed counterparts is the wholesome content you need this afternoon

We’ve seen some amazing things from birds on the internet. There was the bird that sang like Rihanna, the cockatiel singing Mozart, and the birds that sang a duet with Mariah Carey. Okay, so mostly the birds sing.

But this bird does something a little different. The adorable little parakeet, Inco, is trying to expand his friend group to include these stuffed animals, and we can all take notes. This little Twitter star decided he wanted to make some new friends and tried his best to recruit some.

The best part of these videos is the bird’s tenacity. Even when he didn’t get the response he wanted, he kept on trying to spread the friendship and love. You have to admire his spirit.

He just wants to meet new people, and he wasn’t giving up until he found someone.

As you can tell, he’s a fun little guy. Waltzing right up to the stuffed birds and announcing his intentions, he even added a little dance to sweeten the deal.

When his attempts went awry with the first bird, who bares a striking resemblance to him, he quickly changed tactics and moved on to the next would-be bud. His second attempt might have been a little too eager, and  although his intentions were well-meaning, it didn’t end well. He wound up pushing the new pal right off the cage. This isn’t a great start to a new relationship, but he won’t be deterred.

Here, Inco wants to make sure the fuzzy friend is far from any falling danger, and secures the lovey with his little feet. His conversation skills come in handy, as he chats up the buddy.

Here’s double the friend love, and Inco gets two for the price of one. Maybe one of these look-alikes will be the answer to his friendship goals. He’s surely giving it his all, and he chirps and dances his way into their stuffed hearts.

Inco might just be the role model we all need. His desire to make friends is really kind of admirable. You probably won’t see him avoiding phone calls on a Friday night in order to stay in and watch Netflix all night. No way. He needs to be around others. We all need to be more like Inco.