#USWNTParade moments that made us proud to be women

Hooray for women’s World Cup parade day! Friday morning starting at 11 a.m. in New York City, thousands of fans turned out to cheer on and support the U.S. women’s soccer team for their amazing win over Japan to secure the World Cup title last Sunday. This particular parade was extra special, because it is the first time an all women’s sports team has been honored with a ticker tape parade in NYC. So this parade was not only a historic moment for U.S. sports, but an amazing day to celebrate girl power.

The women of team U.S.A. are truly inspirational, and the parade in their honor made me damn proud to be a woman. Obviously I wasn’t alone, as Twitter was alight all day with magical snapshots from the parade that celebrated female strength in all its glory.

Fair warning: you may need some tissues.

Awesome young girls with their signs that will bring a little tear of happiness to your eye.

This tweet says it all

OMG the sign on the lower right-hand corner!

Seriously, look at how many people turned out to support women’s soccer. This is amazing!

This mom totally gets it. So inspiring to see young girls excited about sports.

Who run the world? Girls.

Pure pride.

Congratulations, team U.S.A.! We hope to see you under the ticker again in four years.

(Images via Twitter)