We’re so ready to blast the ‘Paper Towns’ soundtrack all summer

Could anybody escape the Fault in Our Stars soundtrack last summer, and more importantly, did anyone want to? (“Boom Clap” is a classic by now.) Well, yet another John Green film adaptation is coming out this summer, and our ears are already anticipating the Paper Towns soundtrack.

It’s basically law that every great teen movie (that plenty of non-teens watch, of course) has to have a killer soundtrack. From Twilight to Clueless to Bring It On, the music in teen films has infiltrated pop culture as much as the films themselves do. And the songs, which may or may not actually appear in the film, complement and invoke it even after you’re done watching: Think of the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack with its gothic, brooding contributions from Lykke Li and Grizzly Bear, or The Breakfast Club‘s iconic ending set to “(Don’t You) Forget About Me” by Simple Minds.

Paper Towns continues in this tradition, both in its attention to theme and also to pulling music from current artists. The track list includes old tunes by HAIM and Vampire Weekend, but also all-new singles from artists like Vance Joy, Santigold, and Grouplove. Though the full soundtrack drops on July 10 (Paper Towns comes out on July 24), what we’ve heard is promising a cross between a road trip, a basement party, and a starstruck romance… which sounds about right.

Out of the brand-new songs off the soundtrack, only three have been released. Take a listen to them below, and get a head start on putting together your perfect summer playlist.

Sam Bruno — “Search Party”

Vance Joy — “Great Summer”

Grouplove — “No Drama Queen” (premiered on Nylon)


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