These are the deals you can snag from Papa John’s on National Pizza Day

Tomorrow, February 9th, may just be the best day of the year. Not only are the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics officially starting, but uh — hello? It’s also National Pizza Day! Fortunately, everyone has their holy grail, go-to pizza place and if yours is Papa John’s, you’re in luck. The eatery is constantly rolling out special deals for holidays and momentous occasions. They even have a rewards system that allows you to earn points with each pizza you buy. And of course, those points go toward free pizza.

One of the great deals Papa John’s currently has in motion is the $10 Dual Layer Pepperoni pizza. This special is only available from now until March 12th (other locations may have varying dates), so order up quick.

There are also two promo codes currently floating around the web and may be accepted at your local Papa John’s. Enter 40PIZZA or 25OFF to save 40 percent or 25 percent on your online pizza order.

Your local store may be holding some sort of separate special for National Pizza Day, so definitely ask before placing your order. Unfortunately, the company is staying pretty mum about any possible surprise deals in celebration of the best holiday of the year. But luckily, thanks to their year-round offers, you can still grab a Papa John’s pizza and keep to your budget.

For example, alongside their $10 Dual Layer Pepperoni pizza, Papa John’s is also offering two large or pan pizzas for just $20. They also have $9 bread sides and desserts — like their new salted caramel brownie and chocolate chip cookie that are only available for a limited time.

Okay, we’re absolutely starving now. If you need us, we’ll be getting that $10 Dual Layer Pepperoni pizza and all the salted caramel desserts our Papa John’s has in stock.

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