The Pantsuit Nation Facebook group is getting a book deal

Big news from the publishing world today, friends! The Pantsuit Nation Facebook group just landed a book deal — and what’s to come sounds insanely exciting.

The group was founded by Hillary Clinton supporter Libby Chamberlain, who created the secret group before Election Day as a place for HRC’s warriors to gather and share their pantsuited selfies. Since October, it has morphed into a community of nearly 4 million members who feel safe sharing their experiences of racism, homophobia, violence, fear, and triumph, and getting support from like-minded allies.

And now, some of those powerful stories will find their way into a Pantsuit Nation book.

As Chamberlain wrote in a post on a new, public Pantsuit Nation Facebook page,

"I believe Pantsuit Nation was more important on the morning of November 9th than it was on the morning of November 8th. Our charge going forward — our MISSION — is no less than to shift the course of history. And we’ll do it through stories."

She continued, “There are many ways to share stories, and we’ve seen how powerful they can be when simply scrolled through on a Facebook feed. But I also know that many of us, dare I say most of us, have had moments of profound inspiration and connection while holding a book in our hands. And as many of you have commented, the stories of Pantsuit Nation are worthy of a book.”

Since the original Pantsuit Nation page was private and users there shared their stories in confidence, Chamberlain is asking those interested in being a part of the book to “opt in” by emailing her a link to their posts and clearly indicating their consent to be published. No word yet on whether contributors will be compensated.

Chamberlain is also registering Pantsuit Nation as a nonprofit, which will allow the group to collect donations, work on political campaigns, and influence policy more directly.

We couldn’t be more excited for this book — after all, our thriving, inspiring community wouldn’t exist without stories, so we know how powerful they can be! Cheers to you, Pantsuit Nation.

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