Pantone launched its first light collection, and it will make any room look oh-so-chic

As anyone who has ever hunted for a new home knows, having great lighting can make or break the ambiance of a room. Pantone is already a pop culture icon, thanks to their gorgeous shade selections, and now they’re here to make our lives a bit easier with their first light collection in collaboration with e3light. Sometimes we’re stuck in rentals with old light fixtures that aren’t our style or have a house with a particularly dark room, and that’s when bringing in stylish, practical lamps makes all the difference.

Pantone has steadily been increasing their branded products, and a home range makes sense as the next step for the color chip company. You can pick from hanging lamps, light fixtures, or stand-alone lamps to amp up the look and feel of your room. So whatever your budget and style, if you’re a fan of Pantone, they’ve got something you’ll be swooning over for sure.

There are four different lamp styles available to pick from at Pantone as well as various colors.

They’re all incredibly chic and stylish. You can take your pick from a Drop Pendant, a Pendant Lamp, a Capella Table Lamp, or Antres Floor Lamp. The lamp shades can be added to the Deneb Pendant while the Table and Floor Lamps come with the shade.

We’re especially delighted by the Pantone DENEB Drop Light.

And look at all the colors you can pick from.



There’s Cardinal, a cherry red; Sargasso Sea, a dark blue-grey; Forest Biome, a forest green; Pewter, a steel grey; Black Beauty, a black, and Brilliant White, a crisp white.

Which will you go for?

Head on over to Pantone and check out their entire collection to add a pop of color and panache to your home.