Pantene’s new Gold Series celebrates the beautiful strength of African American hair

Pantene’s approach to beauty hasn’t always included images of natural hair or braids. To promote their new Gold Series collection, Pantene has debuted a powerful commercial that highlights both the beauty and strength of African American hair.

Created to be the “gold standard in moisture,” the Pantene Gold Series took ten years to create, and because their campaign is all about Strong is Beautiful, it only made sense to be inclusive. Pantene said it best:

"Celebrating the beautiful strength of African American hair."

Sadly, most brands don’t even use African-Americans in focus groups, so claims like “more hydrating” or “better volume” haven’t been tested, let alone proven, on textured hair. Pantene’s Gold Series was created by a group of 11 black scientists and designed specifically for issues relating to customers of African descent.

According to Essenceover 3,000 women in the US, Brazil, Nigeria, and Kenya were part of the research process.Pantene conducted over 25 research sessions with more than 40 stylists and models and over 100 women tried the formulas prior to release.

The “Strong is Beautiful” campaign and commercial celebrates curls, waves, braids, relaxed hair, and locks — which is so major. When’s the last time you’ve seen a hair commercial featuring locs? We’ll wait…

The eight-part collection features Moisture Boost Shampoo $5.99, Hydrating Butter Creme $7.99, Leave-On Detangling Milk $7.99, Moisture Boost Conditioner $5.99, Hydrating Co-Wash $9.99, Curl Defining Pudding $7.99, Repairing Hair Mask $7.99, and Intense Hydrating Oil $7.99.

Reviews and tutorials are already trickling in, so check out a few YouTube vids prior to buying to see if the Gold Series line will work for your hair type. When you’re ready to shop the collection, you can grab the entire line, here.

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