This panorama view of Los Angeles fireworks is beautiful!

Fireworks on any scale are beautiful. Whether you’re enjoying with a small group some firecrackers in the backyard or you’re taking in an epic professional show, they’re always breathtaking.


And last night in Los Angeles, like in many places around the country, there were gorgeous fireworks displays all over. Yet LA was lucky enough to have the brilliant videographer Chris Pritchard decide to take a panoramic video of one of the busiest moments of the night that showed just how immense the celebration was all over the city.

His video magic is enhanced by the fact that the weather was absolutely clear and Los Angeles is already a spread out yet densely populated area, so you can really see just how vast the city is and take in the grandeur of the celebrations throughout. It’s an absolutely epic video that will hypnotize you into watching over and over again (and maybe even whipping out any time you’re feeling the need to be in awe of the gorgeousness of both a beautiful city at night and colorful fireworks sprinkling throughout it).

And it’s not just the visuals that pull you into the video. The sounds of the pops and ticks all throughout the short video will make you feel like you’re watching a city-wide coordinated fireworks display from heaven itself.

Cheers to you, Chris Pritchard. Thank you for capturing this display of majesty.


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