A man tried to take a panorama pic of his doggo, and his epic fail is going viral

All dog owners have about 90 billion photos of their pup on their camera roll (according to a statistic we just made up right now, but that feels right). So it makes sense that a Twitter user who goes by the handle BulletsMikey wanted to mix things up with a cool panorama pic. We get it. But things went terribly wrong.

The panorama attempt ended up shrinking the pup, a two-year-old Border Collie named Reggie, to a mere tail and head. Yep. It’s pretty freaky. Reggie ends up looking like something right out of the Star Wars universe. For reals.

Before we show you the epic panorama fail, let’s first take a look at a regular photo of Reggie, who his owner referred to as “usually a very long necked amigo.”


And here’s the panorama…which is…regretful.


LOL. It happens to the best of us, Mikey. As expected, Twitter had a field day over the snafu.

And finally, someone felt inspired enough by panoramic Reggie to create THIS (it should probably be framed, IOHO).

And here’s more photos of Reggie, just because he’s such an incredibly good doggo.


We’re so glad panoramic Reggie was shared with the world, because honestly, we needed this.

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