We never knew how much we needed Sisqo and Panic! At the Disco to perform “The Thong Song” together

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has some of our favorite late-night bits. There’s Mean Tweets, where celebrities read rude things that people have tweeted about them. There’s Lie Witness News, where a man-on-the-street correspondent asks pedestrians fake questions related to real current events. And there’s Mashup Monday, where Jimmy combines two musical acts into one supergroup to perform a song.

The mashup bands always have amazingly punny names. For example, Brad Paisley and Color Me Badd joined forces to create Color Me Bradd. Imagine Dragons and REO Speedwagon became REO Speedragons. Weezer + ZZ Top = Wee-Z Top. Last night, we were treated to a new Mashup Monday after the Grammys: Sisqo and Panic! At the Disco teamed up to perform Sisqo’s 1999 hit “The Thong Song.” Their name? Panic! At the Sisqo, of course.


Never heard of Sisqo or “The Thong Song”? Allow me to remedy that. Back in the day, Sisqo was a white-haired, red leather-clad rapper who rolled with Dru Hill, Method Man, Redman, Ja Rule and LL Cool J. Yes, Sisqo was a one-hit wonder, but his one hit took him very far. “The Thong Song” was an anthem of the late ’90s about, well, women’s derrières and the G-strings that decorate them. It ruled middle school dances, simultaneously making you blush in front of your teachers and making you want to bust a move to impress your crush. It even won the Moonman for Best Hip-Hop Video at the MTV VMAs.

So to hear “The Thong Song” again after all these years, well, it took us right back to 1999. We remembered all the words, of course, and loved seeing Sisqo doing his thing again with Panic! At the Disco.

Check out the performance below!


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