Panic! At The Disco just released a Christmas song, and our 9th grade hearts have never been more full

If you’re not quite in the holiday spirit yet, we’ve got something that will immediately bring out your inner child (as long as your inner child lives permanently circa 2005) and put you in a festive mood. Panic! At The Disco released a Christmas song, and we simultaneously want to bring back side-swept bangs and studded belts and deck the halls with boughs of holly.

The most important part of this whole thing: The song is totally great.

Honestly, we would take any Christmas banger from our childhood faves, don’t get us wrong. And Christmas songs don’t actually need to be good, TBH. They just need to put us in the sort of mood where we see those people with reindeer antlers on their cars and are like, “Yeah, you’re doing the right thing.”

But as always, Panic! At The Disco came through in a big way.

Another bonus? Frontman Brendon Urie dedicated the song to us, his fans.

"Thank you all for making this year my favorite so far," he wrote. "Through the hard times and the beautiful moments, I'm glad we're always there to lift each other up. I'm so excited for the New Year and what's to come."

Now, without further ado — your new favorite Christmas song, courtesy of Panic! At The Disco.

RIGHT? RIGHT! We’ll be playing this song on loop until Christmas is over with absolutely no shame, thank you very much. Okay, fine, we’ll be playing it long after Christmas too because seriously, it’s just that good.