Watch this panda sneezing, because it’s Wednesday

Brace yourselves for a giant dose of cuteness. A giant panda dose, technically, so get ready to break out those panda emojis.

Yesterday, the Smithsonian National Zoo posted a video to its Facebook page of the zoo’s newest panda cub, Bei Bei, letting out what is surely the most adorable sneeze in the history of sneezes. And if the precious achooo wasn’t already cute enough, the caption takes the cake:

“Q: What do we call a giant panda cub sneeze? A: #BeiBei choo!”


Bei Bei was born in Washington D.C. on August 22. His twin died only three days later, on August 25 (sob!). But little Bei Bei appears to be thriving and doing well. He spends his days cuddling with his mom, Mei, and generally looking adorable on the zoo’s giant panda-cam.

His name was chosen for him by First Lady Michelle Obama and First Lady of China Pen Liyuan (so basically, Bei Bei is a big-time celeb). Bei Bei  means “precious treasure” and is pronounced bay-bay. Or bae bae. Coincidence? We think not.

Hear the little precious treasure’s giant sneeze below: