There’s a panda in this picture, and people just cannot find it

Everyone loves a good Where’s Waldo style photo puzzle, but one photo making the rounds on Facebook is confusing a lot of people. Illustrator and web comic artist Gergely Dudás (aka The Dudolf) shared a snowman-packed drawing on Facebook and Twitter last week, but with a special note. Tucked somewhere among the festive snowmen is a panda.

You may think finding a panda in a sea of snowmen wouldn’t be too hard, but think again. The similar colors and tricky placement of coal-black dots (which look a lot like ears sometimes) make for quite the brain teaser.

Can you see it? The picture has been shared on Facebook over 100,000 times, so a lot of people are on the case. If you’re struggling, here’s a tip: Focus on the noses.

(Image via Dudolf Facebook)