Pancaking is the newest hair hack you need to know about

Braids are such a gorgeous way to deal with unruly hair. They’re also just kind of really complicated. As anyone who has ever attempted a Pinterest-hair tutorial will tell you, achieving Game of Thrones-worthy braids is really, really difficult.

Well, there’s a new way to achieve the full, lustrous braids of your Disney princess dreams. It’s called pancaking, and it has nothing to do with breakfast.

Once you braid your hair, very deliberately and carefully loosen it up. As you tug on the strands, your braid loosens up and widens, much like a pancake.

That’s it. That’s the entire move.

By making your braid flatter and wider, you create the illusion of a thicker and wider braid. You can take this trick one step further by using a texturizing spray to make your hair easier to work with. Be sure to use the spray before you braid your hair. Cosmo has an excellent GIF tutorial on pancaking you can see here.

This move is especially great if your hair is fine and wispy, or not very long. However, if you do have shorter hair or a heavily layered haircut, be careful how disheveled you make your braid, as you could end up completely pulling out strands.

Now your mornings can consist of pancakes for your hair and pancakes for breakfast, a total win-win.

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