This pancake looks like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and we are ~mystified~

We don’t know about you, but we get most of our breaking news stories through two places: here at HelloGiggles, and through pancake art. Why? Because life’s too short for boring, circular, flapjacks. Also, because the internet is amazing.

When news broke last week of the day love died (also known as Brad and Angelina’s divorce announcement), we were just waiting for the story to be told through good ole fashioned batter.

Well, folks. It’s here.

23-year old pancake savant, Dr. Dan “Pancake” Drake, posted an video on his incredibly popular pancake art Instagram account. 

Speakers up, because there is some ominous music.

At first, it seems like things are going well (besides the creepy Gregorian chanting in the background).

It’s just two A-lister pancakes.


Then a big knife and some hands come and separate the two!



Then, in a seriously disturbing moment, the hands crunch the pancakes and write the word “Done-Gelina”


Dang. We never knew pancakes could be so intense. It’s safe to say that Dr. Dan totally encapsulated the drama we felt after hearing the news.

Possibly the most shocking aspect of the video is that Dr. Dan is able to flip the pancakes upside-down.

Seriously. Look at that flip.

We’ll be over here re-thinking our careers and kicking ourselves for not getting into pancake art. Happy #NationalPancakeDay!

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