Pamela Anderson’s blog post is a passionate ode to veganism

The gorgeous actress and activist is known for many things and one of them has been her love for animals and the vegan lifestyle. It’s no secret that Pamela Anderson has been outspoken about the being vegan, for years and her latest blog post showcases just how passionate she really is.

Anderson, who runs the Pamela Anderson Foundation — which is dedicated to Human, Animal, and Environmental Rights — wrote a post titled,  “FIGHT ‘FAKE FOOD’, NOT ‘FAKE NEWS.’” In it, she tied together the ongoing coverage of fake news with why we should all be concerned about fake food, too.

“Disinformation and 'fake news' (whatever it means) are certainly problems in political processes, but 'fake foods' is [a] much more serious matter, she writes.

The 49-year-old actress then breaks down all the ways the world is harmed from the “fake food” industry, and you can feel her passion behind every word. She says it’s more than just dietary preferences, since food has a world-scale impact on nearly every area of our lives.

With this post, Anderson is calling on all humans to consider and adapt to veganism, offering that it can do a world of good for ourselves, our environment, our economy, our animals, and so much more.

“Veganism is more than a consumer choice! Veganism is a political choice! Veganism is political! Anderson adds.

“It is about removing fake food from our supermarket shelves, so that what we eat won’t make us sick,” she continues. “It is about making good vegan foods cheaper and putting them on the shelves in poorer communities, because everyone deserves to eat well.”

Many of us think that veganism is only about avoiding animal products, but the whole movement of wanting more and better for every living thing is also a part of it. And if you’re looking to learn more, there’s arguably no one who has been more involved than Pamela Anderson.

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