If you paint part of your house this color, it could sell for $5,000 more

When you’re going to put your house on the market, you obviously want to make sure it sells for the best price. Thanks to a recent study published by Zillow, we now know that simply painting rooms in your home with a certain color could increase its value by thousands.

Zillow’s 2017 Paint Color Analysis inspected 32,000 photos from sold homes to understand what makes a house more valuable. From these photos, the site noted a correlation between house sales and the color blue.

For example, homes with blue kitchens (specifically soft gray-blue kitchens) sold for $1,809 more. Who would have thought?

The same goes for blue bathrooms. Homes with “light pale blue to soft periwinkle blue” bathrooms raked in an extra $5,440.

Houses with “cadet blue” bedrooms can also see a $1,856 premium.

And gray blue, or slate blue, dining rooms can bring in an added $1,926.


Even painting your front door a navy blue can bump up your home’s worth by $1,514!

So of course after learning that blue has the ability to make you money, we had to figure out why. ColorPsychology.org states that the color blue calms us down and reminds us of clear sky and calm sea, which both relate to clarity and serenity.

Zillow says that rooms painted in cool blues or grays, "have broad appeal, and may be signals that the home is well cared for or has other desirable features."

Whichever way you read the color blue, the statistics don’t lie! Forget green — blue is the color of money in the real estate world!

Read Zillow’s full color analysis here for other helpful tips in regards to painting your house to sell.

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