You can get paid to watch Netflix, because dreams really do come true

Watching Netflix can sometimes feel like a job. Not the kind of job you dread getting up for in the morning, but the kind of job you embrace. It takes commitment and perseverance to succeed at binge-watching Netflix. Six seasons of Parenthood is no joke. Neither is watching 13 episodes of Fuller House in one sitting. But you do it, because you’re dedicated.

And guess what? Watching Netflix actually is a job. Real humans get paid real money to watch TV shows and movies on Netflix.

Netflix employs part-time “taggers” who help make Netflix more personalized for its viewers. The job entails watching movies and shows that will be available to stream in the future. The taggers are responsible for analyzing and describing the content using tags. The Netflix algorithm then uses the tags to give viewers recommendations based on watching history.

Ah. So that’s how certain categories show up on your homepage that you thought were random, but in fact, aren’t random at all. You know, categories like “movies featuring a strong female lead” or “because you watched Parenthood”. 

Back in 2014, Netflix was looking to hire a tagger in the UK or Ireland. We assume they’ve found that person by now (and pray that someday there will be more job opportunities!), but here’s a little video they made that explains what they’re looking for:

So if you have a love for film, TV and all things Netflix, you might just be the person Netflix is looking to hire. So keep your eyes peeled for Netflix job opportunities, because binge-watching could literally be your new job.

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