Padma Lakshmi clapped back in the funniest way to trolls who criticized her for not wearing a bra

You might think that no one would argue with the idea of going braless in your own home, but you would be wrong. After Top Chef‘s Padma Lakshmi posted a cooking video on Instagram in which she isn’t wearing a bra, she received many comments pointing this out. Some trolls said that it was unacceptable and others turned a cooking tutorial into something sexual. (Ugh.) Well, Lakshmi had a comeback in her next cooking video: two bras.

“Is no one going to comment on why she feels the need to put her nipples on social media in every video? No? Just sad,” reads a comment with over 500 replies. Worth noting here: Lakshmi is clothed in the video. (She’s also not “freeing the nipple,” as a few of the more positive commenters wrote; that’s a much different statement.)

The Top Chef host also received this comment: “Wear a bra if they’re that saggy and old. You’re not turning anyone on with those.” Yep, she’s definitely trying to turn people on in a video about chicken tagine featuring her 10-year-old daughter. Then there’s this: “You are at home in your kitchen, but you’re making a public video, why not just put a bra on?” Why not not put one on? There were also a number of people who called Lakshmi’s breasts “distracting” and some who posted uncalled-for sexual comments about her appearance. It was all very gross and unnecessary.

Lakshmi noticed all the bra talk, of course. “I got some comments last time that it was immoral for me to not wear a bra in my own kitchen during the quarantine,” she captioned a video for lasagna with white ragu. “So those people should be happy to note that I’m wearing two today ?.”

“But seriously, let’s not police women’s bodies in 2020 ok?” Lakshmi added.

In addition to this, Lakshmi responded to the comment that asked if anyone was “going to comment on why she feels the need to put her nipples on social media.”

“No, because everyone is an adult here, Natalie,” she wrote. “And if I don’t want to wear a bra in my kitchen sometimes during this everlasting quarantine that shouldn’t be any of your concern.”

Preach! This is just a woman being comfortable in her home, as many of us are. Shouldn’t she be able to do that without having to talk about it?

Lia Beck
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