If you’re not following Paddles, the First Cat of New Zealand, on Twitter, you’re doing it wrong

We love cats — especially ones with their own social media accounts. The newest feline we can’t get enough of? We’re now following Paddles, the First Cat of New Zealand, on Twitter. She’s the cat’s meow — pun intended. Her owner is none other than the country’s prime minister, 37-year-old Jacinda Ardern.

Ardern leads the Labour Party, and she’s gone up through the ranks of left-wing politics ever since she entered parliament in 2008 at age 28, BBC News reports. As far as Paddles is concerned, Grumpy Cat may have some serious competition. BenBen, the lovable cat with a permanent sad face, might, too.

Once you take a look at Paddles’ Twitter account, you’ll see why we can’t stop scrolling through and liking her posts.

That face! And, ICYMI, her Twitter bio states that her full name is Paddles Ardern-Gayford.

It also says: “Have thumbs, will tweet. Not affurliated with Labour Pawty. Bullies will be SCRATSCHED [sic] /blocked.” LOL. Here’s another example of one of Paddles’ amazing tweets.

Paddles obviously really loves her owner, too.

But according to Newshub, Arden and her partner Clarke Gayford claim they don’t run the account. In fact, they have no idea who’s behind it.

"There is indeed an account in the name of my cat and I have no idea who has created it," Ardern said. "I am quite happy for that person to continue logging on behalf of Paddles, keeping in mind Paddles has thumbs, I can't put it past her it's her own account as well."

It’s true: Paddles has thumbs. She’s a polydactyl, aka a cat with extra claws that make it look like she has opposable thumbs.

And what does the Twitterverse think of Paddles? Of course, they’re in love with her as much as we are.

It seemed that more cats than people welcomed Paddles to Twitter.


Even a dog was quick to welcome Paddles to the online world.

Suffice it to say, we’re BIG fans of Paddles and her Twitter account so far, and so are many others. As of this writing, Paddles already has almost 10,000 followers and counting. If only we knew who was behind the account. Maybe it really is Paddles.

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