These color-changing “Sailor Moon” lipsticks will actually make you feel like a Sailor Scout

Whether you identified most with Sailor Moon or one of her planet-saving guardian friends, these Sailor Moon-inspired color-changing lipsticks are about to fire up your inner Scout. Made with hyaluronic acid and macadamia seed oil, the lipsticks go on more sheer than color-rich, but they’ll leave your lips feeling moisturized AF. Plus, each one is packaged with the signature color and symbol of a different Sailor Scout, so you can really rep your girl.

The Sailor Moon Moisture Rouge collection, from Japanese beauty brand Creer Beauté, contains five lipsticks that change color depending on your pH level. So they’re basically mood rings for your mouth, which sounds mildly dirty but also thrilling — who knows what your lipstick will look like from one moment to the next?!