The P.Ball looks more obscene than the Shake Weight, but it actually works

When I first saw the P.Ball, I thought it was a new sex toy that I was too married and boring to know about. I mean, for starters, just look at it. Those straps. That placement. And if that’s not enough, it’s called the P.BALL. But then my boss told me it’s actually a piece of exercise equipment that we’d be trying out, and he asked if I want to learn how to use it for HelloGiggles.

I’m usually down for anything, as long as it’s not public, potentially embarrassing, or particularly strenuous. So trying a really awkward piece of exercise equipment on camera wasn’t exactly within my comfort zone. But when I saw what the P.Ball promised, I knew I had to try it.

The P.volve workout system is designed for people who want to get in shape but don’t necessary want to add bulk to their frame. I’m not deep into the world of fitness, unless you count bringing in all the groceries in one trip as arms day. But when something promises to contour my thighs and lift my sad little mom-butt with minimal effort, well, you have my attention.

Enter P.Ball creator Stephen Pasterino, who goes simply by P. P is movie star-handsome, boy-next-door charming, and has a background in functional science, human chain biomechanics and manual therapy. He says he developed the P.Ball mostly for women, but it’s beneficial to men, too.

P came to our studio to show us how to use the P.Ball. And yes, it feels just as awkward as it looks, but only at first! You slip your foot into one strap, and slide the ball up between your legs. No, there is no other way to write that sentence. Once it’s in place, you secure the strap with a series of hook and eye closures, like a really thick bra strap for your thighs.

Once we had the P.Ball on, P started showing us different exercises. At first, trying to work muscles you never use feels a lot like trying to wink or wiggle your ears if you’re not genetically capable of doing so. But with P’s coaching, I was able to make some small adjustments and activate regions of my body that have been in Princess Aurora-style hibernation mode since the dawn of time.

Muscles I never knew I had were suddenly working for the first time. “I’m going to be so sore tomorrow!” I kept saying as I struggled to master each exercise. But miraculously, I had no soreness the next day. Only a new awareness for these muscles and how to activate them.

As a gag, we walked around downtown Los Angeles to get coffee, and people were stopping us in the street to ask us what we were doing. We looked legit silly. And listen, there are a lot of easy jokes to make about the P.Ball that maybe aren’t super appropriate. I’m sure you’ve thought of a few already! But now that I’ve tried it, I do feel like it does what it advertises. And I’m definitely willing to be the butt of a joke if it means I’ll have the butt of my dreams.

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