The Oxford English Dictionary now includes this phrase from “Scooby Doo”

There’s a reason half the speeches you hear start with, “The dictionary defines this word as this description.” It’s because we value our dictionaries to keep us honest and up-to-date on the exact recognized meaning of different words and phrases. And there’s no dictionary with more street cred (look it up) than the Oxford English Dictionary.

And every year, when they update their words, they’re basically laying down the rules of what can technically qualify as a word (primarily to give you more points in Scrabble…obviously). There are always a number of surprises in their accepted new words and this year was no different. And their choices have us ROFL… which is, technically, now a word. false

While ROFL is a delightful addition to the English language, an even more delightful is the addition of the Scooby Doo phrase Scooby Snack!

The official definition, in case you were wondering, is as follows:

Which is like, totally like, zoink!

I mean, let’s be honest, we’ve all had a late night craving and wanted to ask for a Scooby Snack but secretly worried the person we’d be asking wouldn’t get the reference. But now that the Oxford English Dictionary has made it official, we can rest assured that if they don’t get it, we’ll be educating them on a legitimate phrase in the English language as we prepare a delightful dish to ease our belly’s hunger.


And just remember, if it weren’t for those meddling word-recorders at the OED, generations of the future might lose access to this excellent referential phrase. Let the might Oxford English Dictionary never fall, even if it takes the whole team from Scooby Doo to keep it that way!