There’s a pop-up owl bar but you can only go if you win a lottery (must. win. lottery.)

Back in January, we told you about owl cafes that were popping up all over Japan. Owl fans from all over the world were flocking to visit said cafes, hoping to interact with the owls while sipping coffee. Sounded pretty dope.

Well we have some good news for owl lovers in London — you’re getting your very own pop-up owl cafe! Except it’s not a cafe at all, it’s a BAR! Owls plus cocktails are sure to equal a great time.

Annie the Owl pop-up bar will be open in Soho from March 20-25 (yes Annie is an owl and yes Annie will be there). But there’s a catch — you can’t just wait in line to gain entrance to the owl bar. Because there are so many people who love owls and cocktails, a lottery drawing has been set up to handle the high demand of interested folk. It’s not too late to enter the drawing, but do it fast — over 50,000 people have already put their names in. Winners will be chosen at random and will be contacted to pick the date and time of their visit.

According to Annie the Owl’s website, tickets are £20 ($31), and include entry for one person, two cocktails and two hours of “unique owl indulgence.” Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Barn Owl — an organization dedicated to education, wildlife conservation and bird welfare.

In case you were worried, have no fear. Annie and her owl friends will be well taken care of and accompanied by handlers. Organizers for the event issued this statement in response to people’s genuine concerns about the safety and well-being of the owls:

Honestly, that makes us feel pretty good about this whole thing. They’re taking care of Annie and friends, and giving us the chance to both donate to a worthy cause and meet some gorgeous owls.

For all you participating in the reaping, uhhhhh we mean the drawing; May the odds be ever in your favor. If you’re lucky enough to be one of the owl chosen ones, please report back and tell us everything!

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