It’s Friday, so here’s an adorable owl just casually floating in a sink

Oh, Gigglers. Brace yourselves because we’ve stumbled upon a video we had no idea we needed. And we do need it. Because what spells happiness more than an adorbs owl floating in a sink?

Yes. An owl floating in a sink.

The video does raise a few questions. Like, is this a bird bath? Are we intruding on some kind of private owl moment? I’m guessing not, because the owl seems pretty chill with being filmed. He just keeps floating around, occasionally checking things out with his gigantic owl eyes.

Also, it doesn’t look like he’s kicking his legs or treading water or anything. Can owls just float like that, without sinking, for hours on end? Because adorable. Also, ducks might be jealous. I’m just saying.

We’re of course wondering about the circumstances of the short film. Is this someone’s pet? Or a happy accident? I mean, did a person wake up, go into the bathroom to brush her a teeth and happen to find an owl bobbing around in the sink? Because we’re guessing that would be the perfect way to wake up on a Friday morning.

Assuming that’s not what happened to you (and if it is, we need to hear about it!), take a look at the video below. It might be owl you need today. (See what I did there?)

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[Image via YouTube]