What? An owl and a kitten are nap besties? Unreal

Remember that time Ross and Joey became nap partners on Friends? A little odd, and a lot adorable.

Well, these two new nap besties are about to steal the crown for the most unlikely and cutest nap partners of all time. (Sorry, Ross and Joey. We know it was the best nap you ever had.)

Meet Fuku and Marimo. They’re buds and they totally love sharing a nap.

We know what you’re thinking. Hey wait, that’s basically a cat and a bird. Kind of a dangerous combo. And you’re right. For the most part. Fuku is an adorable owlet (a bird, obvs) and Marimo is a precious Scottish fold kitten (so yes, a cat). But despite the fact that these two cuties are on opposite ends of the food chain, they’re the best of friends. See?

All of this cuteness is going down at Hukulou Coffee Shop in Osaka, Japan, where Fuku and Marimo live.

Side note: Why do so many adorable animal things happen in Japan? I mean, they’ve already got owl cafes and cat cafes. So we guess this does sort of make sense. It’s the best of both worlds!

Fuku and Marimo have become stars on the coffee shop’s Twitter and Facebook feeds, where you can see them hanging out together day and night. But what they love to do best is nap, and brace yourselves, because it’s pretty much the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen.

Oh, the cuteness!!

Stoppp! Our hearts are exploding.

BRB, running to Japan for coffee.

Meet the most concerned kitten we’ve ever seen. His name is Gary.

These two owls are having a dance-off, they just don’t know it

[All images via Hukulou Coffee Twitter and Facebook pages.]