This Owen Wilson supercut captures every Owen Wilsonism ever

Here’s an idea for your next movie marathon: “Every Owen Wilson Movie Every Made.” That will take you through an eclectic mix of films like Wedding Crashers, The Life Aquatic, and Zoolander. But it turns out they all have one surprising thing in common: Owen Wilson is going to say a lot of the same stuff in every single one.

This isn’t a bad thing! This is a great thing, and now that we know about it, we want to throw our own little Wilson marathon right now. Since we don’t have time to binge roughly 5o movies, instead, we can turn to Owenergy Studios which just created the best supercut of Wilson saying the same things over and over again in his movies. The description on the YouTube video reads, “The only way to describe this super-cut of Owen Wilson saying his favorite words is ‘Unbelievable!’ This is a celebration of Owen Wilson, We love him and just want a hug from him.” We’d take a hug, too, if he’s giving them out.

The supercut shows that he says the word “honestly” quite often. Also, “crazy as a road lizard” which is an odd phrase to have worked into multiple movies over the years. Wilson also repeats a few NSFW words again and again, so grab some headphones and plug them in. This supercut will have you saying, “woooow.”

(Image via 20th Century Fox)