Some genius replaced the lightsaber sounds in “Star Wars” with Owen Wilson saying “wow”

Sometimes even the best emoji can’t convey our emotions as well as a three-lettered word like “wow.” Most of us say “wow” when we’re surprised, appalled, or trying to be sarcastically clever. But we’re not really giving it the true weight of its worth in the way Owen Wilson can. The quirky Zoolander and Cars actor has a great talent for delivering this multi-purpose word, and a YouTube video mash-up of his voice with a Star Wars fight scene has been unleashed onto the world to celebrate his subtle artistry.

Twitter user Josh Billinson crafted a video featuring Owen Wilson’s “wow” in place of lightsaber sounds in a scene from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Billinson shared the video on Twitter where it has so far racked up over 125,000 retweets of approval from fans. false

The internet’s fascination with Owen Wilson and his emotive “wows” has spawned videos and mashups before.

Earlier this year, a fan created a ten-hour long video collection of every time Owen Wilson has ever said the word “wow” on screen. REPEAT: TEN HOURS of Owen Wilson saying “wow!”

There’s no doubt Owen Wilson and his “wows” are of another dimension. And tbh, we’re pretty on board with the actor making an appearance in the next Star Wars film. Especially if he’s doing voice work.

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