These 9 on-trend overall dresses are here to put a spring in your step

Although many were unsure if overalls coming back into fashion was a good thing or a sign of the fashion apocalypse, the quirky trend caught on and the majority loved them. Our vintage-styled overalls went great with our fall sweaters. Cuffed, they added a certain charm to our winter outfits. And we’ll certainly be wearing these gems with t-shirts and sandals as the weather warms. But Pinterest reports another overall-related trend popping up across fashionista Pinterest boards.

To recap, overall dresses have been in fashion since ’90s style came back into vogue a few years ago. They are a combination of the classically cute pinafore dress and our beloved denim overalls. Below, we gathered together overall dresses that are perfect for spring, but can also be carried through fall and winter as well when paired with the right accessories. It’s time to go wild on your spring fashion Pinterest board, people!

1ASOS Denim Overall Dress in Mid Wash Blue ($53)

This number also comes in black ($53).

2Topshop MOTO Dusty Pink Cord Pinafore Dress ($30)

3H&M Denim Bib Overall Dress ($19.99)

4ASOS Monki Overall Dress ($32)

5Urban Outfitters BDG Jessy Wrap-Front Overall Mini Dress ($69)

6Topshop MOTO Dusty Lilac Velvet Pinafore Dress ($75)

7Topshop MOTO Vintage Wash Pinafore Dress ($15)

8ASOS Curve Cord Denim Overall Dress ($21)

9Topshop Check Pinafore Dress ($24)

Be sure to check out all of your favorite clothing sources to find the perfect overall/pinafore dress for you.

Ultimately, we refuse to let our love for overalls burn out during the summer season! These cute dresses are just the thing to curb our obsession.

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