Things over-thinkers are struggling with now that the holidays are here

The holidays are awesome. There’s nothing like the amazing feeling in the air come late November / early December — it’s practically magical. But because the holidays are also so busy, they can be really stressful — especially for over-thinkers like me. We’re quite good at coming up with new things to stress and worry over, but the holidays are the prime time for over-thinkers to do what they do best: think. A LOT.

Here are all the things over-thinkers are worrying about now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is almost here.

Worrying about what to get everyone

You want to pick out the *perfect* gift for everyone that’s equal parts cute, clever, well thought-out, and affordable. That means list after list after list, plus shopping online AND in the actual store. Sometimes at the same time.

Holiday cards

Should you send them out this year? Will people appreciate them or just be annoyed by them? And if you do decide to, what cards to you pick? Who do you send them out to? OH MY GOD, YOU FORGOT THE STAMPS.

Crowds and long lines — oh, the horror

A *really* quick way to make that over-thinking even more fast-paced and frantic? Doing it when you’re stuck in massive holiday shopping crowds. The struggle is real.

Being stressed about your jeans getting tighter

Naturally, around the holidays, there are soooo many delicious foods, and of course you want to partake, because food is awesome. So on top of all the other things you’re over-thinking about, you start getting overly paranoid that you’re gaining weight. UGH.

Money, money, money

You’re making list after list in your head of what you’ve spent money on this week, and what you still have to spend money on next week. (Even if you’re a huge fan of the holidays, your bank account never is.)

Finding the time to make gifts

You know you need to be careful about your money spending, so you consider making gifts, but even that is stressful because you have to find the time to knit 15 scarves, which makes you sweat just thinking about it.

Holiday decorations

If you’re worried about celebrating the holidays to the fullest, it can be so stressful thinking about getting all those decorations up in the perfect, most lovely way, only to take them down in January (or February. . . or March. Don’t get yourself stressed out about that — it takes a while sometimes!) And don’t even get me STARTED on stringing up the lights.

Trying to fit every holiday thing in before the New Year

A large section of your mental energy is spent trying to figure out how attend 5 – 10 holiday parties while doing all the holiday traditions you’d feel sad if you didn’t do while finding time to work, eat, and sleep and still keep your sanity intact.

Seeing those weird relatives you feel awkward around

Especially if you have to buy those weird relatives a gift, and you don’t know them well enough to know what they’d like. Like, does your great-great Uncle Ted even WEAR ties?

Or, really, family awkwardness in general

You love your family, but they can be crazy, and their craziness makes you over-think like nobody’s business.

Holiday parties

Holiday parties can be really fun, but the idea of that office party totally stresses you out, because like, you want to have a drink, but also your boss is nearby and you don’t want to say anything stupid. Even personal holiday parties can be difficult for over-thinkers, especially if you’re the one hosting, and you start thinking of all the ways it could go terribly wrong and WHAT IF EVERYONE GETS BORED AND LEAVES.

Feeling like you’re not celebrating the holidays enough

“OK, so I’ve decorated the Christmas tree, made holiday cookies, watched all my favorite holiday movies several times in a row, made a snowman, and broken out my favorite holiday sweater. Am I celebrating enough. . . ? Christmas goes by so fast; am I doing this right?!”

But over-thinkers, listen up. It’s totally understandable to be stressed out, but don’t be so busy thinking that you forget to let yourself have a little fun. You’re gonna rock these holidays and have a blast, so don’t forget to do you!

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