Jared Leto takes up a gruesome life of crime in the trailer for Netflix’s “The Outsider”

It’s pretty much an undisputed fact, at this point, that Netflix is coming for major production companies, and it isn’t holding anything back. The streaming company has created award-winning television shows, stand-up comedy specials, and feature-length films that get everyone talking. And now, we have a trailer for Netflix’s The Outsider starring Jared Leto, and it’ll put you on edge.

No, but actually. This trailer is tense, and is stressing us out but in a dramatic way. You know, in the way that has you freaked out but you’re curious to know more.

So, what exactly is Netflix’s The Outsider about? Basically, Leto plays an American soldier held as a prisoner of war in Japan after World War II. Now, that in and of itself is already pretty traumatic, but then, Leto’s character escapes captivity with the help of his cellmate who is part of the Japanese underground crime ring, the Yakuza.

After that, Leto’s character has to work to appease the people who got him out of prison, find his way around Japan’s organized crime scene, and — ultimately — take back his freedom. Needless to say, he runs into a whole lotta trouble along the way, and things get pretty violent. If you’re squeamish, you especially might want to turn away around the 1:00 mark, which maybe definitely scarred us a bit.

Watch The Outsider trailer here:


Listen, I’m not exactly a fan of heart-racing thrillers or action movies, but The Outsider — which has apparently been in development since 2011 and was passed back and forth between plenty of studios before Netflix ultimately claimed it in 2016 — certainly looks interesting and dramatic (and scary) enough. Especially with Leto as the brooding protagonist.

The Outsider premieres a couple weeks from now — on Netflix on March 9th, 2018.

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