We are SO excited for new episodes of ‘Outlander’ (our feminist ‘GOT’)

Do we have any Outlander fans in the house?

If you just silently raised your hand, or internally shouted “me! me!” than you’re in luck. Starz just gave us a teaser trailer for the last half of season one (we got the first eight eps. this past Aug./Sept.), so get ready to get your 18th century Scottish highlands romance back on starting April 4, 2015.

For those of you who are like “Out-WHAT?” a brief crash course on the magical, time-traveling sexiness that is the series Outlander (which MANY have called the “feminist Game of Thrones.“) Claire Randall is a British nurse who is taking a delayed Scottish honeymoon with her husband Frank in 1945 (they couldn’t have their honeymoon earlier, because, you know, World War II). Claire accidentally touches some ruins that she doesn’t KNOW have time-traveling properties and finds herself flung back to 1743, when the highlands are a war zone. Back in good ol’ ’43 there’s a villainous-type dude who looks JUST like her husband, and Claire finds herself falling in love with a handsome and brave Scottish warrior named Jamie because OF COURSE SHE DOES. You try traveling back in time and having a handsome Scottish dude be awesome to you and not falling in love with him. YOU TRY IT.

So we have, like, five months to wait for the next episodes to drop, which gives us plenty of time to catch up on Season 1, read all seven doorstop-sized Outlander books, and of course, watch this trailer on repeat.

Yes, I know, it’s only 20 seconds long, life is hard, but it does promise a lot of action and adventure and choice lines like “I never counted on loving you!” Claire, girl, I feel you, who EVER plans on loving handsome dudes from 150 years ago? That’s not the kind of thing you can pencil into your iCal. Luckily we can pencil in April 4.

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