These adorable “outfit of the day” illustrations are seriously inspiring our sweetest style goals

We just found new art we heart so, so much. Meet ah-mazing artist Kaia, better known as internet persona @kaiami. They’re an illustrator based in SF/NYC. And, OMG, their art is seriously giving us all the feels! Kaia draws OOTDs (outfits of the day) on a regular basis, and every single look is straight up 100% *adorable* and so inspiring. We just love how creative this entire project is, and the light and happy colors of these OOTD illustrations are just what we’re craving right now.

Here are some of our favorite OOTD illustrations, because we can always use more style inspo!

We’d seriously rock these absolutely adorable outfits!

Plus, how cute are these doodles?! Ugh, we’re feeling all the sweetest feels.

Speaking of style goals, we just love how unexpected some of these pairings are.

These. Are. So. Cute!

We wonder if we could give OOTD illustrations a shot? It’d probably go terribly, but it could be fun! Either way, we’re feeling inspired right now to switch up our outfits!

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