7 sex positions to try outdoors this summer that aren’t sex on the beach

There’s nothing like sexy time in the summer. After all, it’s what the songs sung by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in Grease are made of. While Danny and Sandy loved making out at the beach, getting down in the sand isn’t the only way you can experience some summer lovin’ outdoors. There are many wild ways to act out “the birds and the bees” in Mother Nature when you’re feeling a little feverish. All you need for these outdoor sex positions is a little creativity and a lot of awareness about your surroundings.

Real talk: While the warmer weather definitely makes knocking boots easier, outdoor sex does require a little more planning and foresight because there are tons more people around. You also don’t want to do the deed on public property because you could break some laws and get caught in the process…which is a definite mood killer.

So, as long as you keep hyper vigilant about where you’re doing it, don’t mind a little spontaneity, and refrain from doing anything illegal, you’re good to go. Read on for ideas, tips, and tricks on outdoor sex positions from a panel of sexperts who know adventurous sex.

1. Water, baby

Lake sex! Pool sex! Hot tub sex! Basically, water is ripe for getting it on.

“Bodies of water are great because buoyancy allows you to move and thrust in ways that would be impossible outside of water. Plus, it keeps you cool and gives you a little bit of privacy from the waist down,” Dr. Jill McDevitt, CalExotics’ resident sexologist, tells HelloGiggles. “An excellent position for this is ‘Tree Hugger’ with one person standing and the other person with their legs wrapped around their waist and arms wrapped around their neck.”

2. Into the woods

Speaking of Tree Hugger, whether you’re a nature person or not, you can’t deny the call of doing it in the wild. Plus, Mother Nature provides us with a huge sex prop. Well, a tree.

“One partner stands facing a tree and uses it for support while the other approaches from behind,” Jess O’Reilly, PhD., host of the Sex with Dr. Jess Podcast, tells HelloGiggles. “Standing sex offers full-body contact, a great view, and no sand or dirt in your crevices.”

3. In a hammock

If you think about it, a hammock is almost like a giant sex swing.

“Having sex in a hammock may be tricky, but it can be very rewarding for both partners,” Janielle Bryan, a sexuality educator and creator of the sexual health pop-up The Sex Exchange, tells HelloGiggles. “While the possibilities of different positions are endless, some are easier than others. If you’re worried about balance, have one partner stand outside the hammock while the other sits in an upright position. Similar to using a sex swing, the momentum from the hammock allows receiver to meet the giver’s thrusts. Also, it allows for intimate eye contact for both parties.”

4. In a tent

There’s camping underneath a tent, and then there’s the other type of tent, if you catch our drift.

“Camping in the woods and spooning position sex in the cozy tent is worth a try,” says McDevitt. “Pro tip: Make sure your tent is shaded under a tree, as sex in a tent can become unbearably hot.”

5. On a Ferris wheel or roller coaster

The Reese Witherspoon/Mark Wahlberg scene from Fear might be etched in our minds forever. But having sex on an amusement park ride can be more fun and less scary.

“Seriously, getting busy with your hands or mouth on a Ferris wheel or some sort of tour ride is super hot,” Brianne McGuire, host and producer of Sex Communication, tells HelloGiggles. “It’s quick, a little dangerous, and the perfect way to take advantage of a seasonal attraction.”

6. In the car

Car sex is always a good idea no matter the season. But there’s something about having sex with the top down that is hot AF.

“Al Fresco car sex. Open the sun roof or drop the top and use the seat belts to restrain your partner’s hands as you go down on them or climb on top,” says O’Reilly. “This position works for those who want to take control of the angles, rhythm and movement. It’s also a chance to take turns giving and receiving—sex is often most satisfying when it involves more than just intercourse.”

7. On a picnic table

A picnic table is just your run-of-the-mill, multi-functional piece of outdoor sex furniture, according to Bryan. Because splinters are a hazard, laying down a blanket first is best practice. And it goes without saying that you might not want food or drinks on top unless you want to incorporate, say, whipped cream and popsicles into the mix.

“Utilizing a picnic table gives the receiver a stable base to angle their bodies to allow for deeper penetration during sex,” says Bryan. “For couples with a significant height difference, using the bench can help you access the G-spot or prostate easier than missionary position.”

Bonus: the beach.

Okay, okay. Yes, you can have sex on the beach—but that doesn’t mean you have to literally frolic in the sand and surf. Sandi Kaufman, LCSW, certified sex therapist, recommends using beach chairs.

“Beach chairs are low to the ground and can recline. Try sitting on your partner and move your bodies in time with the ocean.” Another suggestion? Sitting underneath a beach umbrella and a blanket. “Try an erotic massage. Bring along a massage oil and go to town. Bring a blanket or towel for privacy. Hand jobs or mutual masturbation can be discreet and fun.”

Now that you know how and where to have sex outdoors this summer, don’t forget to stay safe and wear sunscreen.

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