An Outback Steakhouse server was fired for venting on social media about a church that didn’t tip her

Tamlynn Yoder, a Florida Outback Steakhouse employee, was fired for venting on social media after she was stiffed on a $735 takeout order that was placed by local “mega church” Christ Fellowship. We understand that people don’t always tip on takeout orders, but on a $735 order for a church? You think they would have tipped. Yoder had the same thought which is why she took to social media to air out her grievances.

"Tips is how we make our money, we still make a low wage as servers," Yoder told the Palm Beach Post, who says she spent the majority of her shift preparing the 75-item meal. “We take the order over the phone, we put the order together, take payment and then take order to the car. It’s a lot of work just as much as serving.

Her coworker saw her Facebook rant and said he would call the church to see if they could make amends for the missing tip. However, when she showed up to work the next day, she was fired. The company’s spokesperson revealed to the Palm Beach Post that Outback Steakhouse can terminate anyone for posting about customers on social media.

However, the story’s not all bad. The church revealed that a volunteer was sent to pick up the meal from Yoder and that he probably didn’t know to leave a tip, so Church officials reached out to the server after her termination to give her the tip she rightfully deserved.

Yoder said the compensation was more than the original tip would have been, which the church explained was pooled together by donations from several members of its congregation. As of today, she has not gotten her job back. However, she did reveal to a local ABC syndicate that she has received other job offers.

In case you’re wondering, here are some basic guidelines on who and how much to tip.

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