Our hero love Zooey Deschanel helped donate 2.5 million diapers to babies in need

One in three moms have to choose between having a clean diaper for their baby, or providing food for their family. But Los Angeles organization Baby2Baby is here to help fix that, by helping donate diapers to low-income families in need. And our very own Zooey D. joined in on this very important cause, posting just yesterday that she accepted 2.5 million Huggies diapers to help Baby2Baby families who need the support now more than ever.

On her Instagram, the actress and mama of two wrote:

It is shocking that 1 in 3 families in this country struggle to provide diapers to their children. You can help get diapers to babies who need them most. For every re-post or tweet with #DonateDiapers this week, Huggies will donate a day's worth of diapers to the children & families Baby2Baby serves.

It IS shocking to think that diapers — a product many moms and dads would consider a basic staple in their homes — are not so readily available for families who can’t afford them. The average diaper costs around 20 cents, and the average baby uses around 2,700 of them per year. That’s about $540 a year spent on just diapers (for one baby!) alone. Double or triple that amount if you’re caring for two or three babies at once.

Baby2Baby is trying to remedy that by partnering with non-profit organizations that work with low-income and below-poverty families. Along with helping distribute diapers, Baby2Baby also aids in providing children with “gently used” baby products and clothing through “a network of community-based organizations.”

Zooey told PEOPLE, “Since having kids, it’s really opened my eyes to how important it is to have all of these basic things. You don’t think about it. We all need to wear clothes to function in society. Our babies need to be warm, and our babies need to be dry and safe.”

She added, “If that isn’t happening, then everything else is out of whack. You can’t get daycare for your kids. You can’t send them to preschool if they don’t have diapers.”

Wanna get involved? Here’s how.

Visit Baby2Baby’s site to learn more about how you can seriously help kids in need. You could become a sponsor, volunteer, host a drive, or organize a baby shower (or all four of those things if you’re an overachiever). If you’re super busy (we get it), you can even just donate if you have the means.

In the meantime, use the hashtag #DonateDiapers on social media — it’ll alert Huggies, who will then donate an entire day’s worth of diapers to a family. Seriously. Just one tweet or Facebook post with the hashtag. It’ll make the world of difference to a family.