Our Favorite Tweens On YouTube: The Sasha And Malia Show!

Back in 2008, the Obamas came into our lives and I, for one, have loved them ever since. Sure, Barack is our President and Michelle is our perfect FLOTUS, but their daughters are definitely who I see as my best friends. When they first appeared and I found out they loved High School Musical and the Jonas Brothers, I screamed a little bit because I did too! Yes, they’re growing up before my very eyes, but their tween tastes also grow along with mine. They’re probably into One Direction and all the other pop music and probably can’t stop talking about The Hunger Games. How I wish I could discuss these important life issues with them! Alas I cannot, mostly because they’re the daughters of the President and they’re also not allowed on social media. Instead, there’s this hysterical webseries that’s appropriately named, “The Sasha and Malia Show” that let’s us into “their” lives!

The YouTube channel Barely Political started this webseries that lets me pretend I’m hanging out with my favorite tweens. The comediennes/actresses Franchesca Ramsey (“Sh*t White Girls Say To Black Girls“) as Malia and Abbi Crutchfield (Curly Comedy) as Sasha are hilarious. Even though the media has never really seen these girls’ personalities, I think Franchesca and Abbi are true to form and don’t miss a tween beat. What I’m saying is, this is exactly how I thought the Obama girls would act! The bit that I hope reoccurs every episode is definitely PhotObama, where they photoshop themselves into very serious, political pictures of Barack. The jingle gets into my head too and it’s great. These girls must be crushing on some cute boys at their school, so why not use a drone to spy on these boys? It makes perfect sense!

What would I like to see the webseries tackle next? I’d love to see the girls go through Michelle’s wardrobe and dress up in their best J. Crew dresses. I’d also love to see an in depth discussion on the great Taylor Swift/Harry Styles debate. Or what about Justin and Selena breaking up! These issues are important to tweens (at heart) like me.

Image via YouTube and Huffington Post 

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